Just having some fun in the mountains


A Hole Minute

Some snippets from a few of the fun pow days we had earlier this year in J-Hole!

Early shred!!

Never Too Early from Eric Lovely on Vimeo.

Frosty Flakes Trailer!

The flakes are falling fast and piling high in Storm Show’s 2013 ski/ride/adrenaline film, Frosty Flakes. Veteran producers Darrell Miller and Ryan Halverson have brought to the table a deliciously tasty serving of big mountain lines and powdery entertainment. Storm Show captures the true essence of teamwork and camaraderie by showcasing a crew where the athletes and filmers are one and the same. This year they’re sending it bigger than ever and bringing you more hard-hitting, action-packed, must-see shredding from the Jackson Hole backcountry and beyond! Frosty Flakes is real and raw, top-level skiing and riding that is sure to leave your mouth watering for Winter 14’!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate from Ryan Halverson on Vimeo.

A short preview of what the Full Room and Storm Show crew has been up to this season. Derek Depiero makes his big debut back to the ski scene after recovering from a tough injury. In this video he proves once again that he is definitely the best at what he does… Crashing!! Just kidding Derek, you da man!

Buck Mountain mission

So after about 14 days of complete sunshine in Jackson, we picked the first cloudy day to head up Buck Mountain. The day started blue and since we had a strong crew we decided to head up the east ridge for a little more adventure. A couple years back some friends and I got turned around on this highly exposed ridge due to warming weather, so I was definitely amped to get back on it and complete it. As the clouds grew we topped out on the summit and had a fun, yet firm ski down. Afterwards however, we were rewarded some great untracked pow all the way to the valley floor. Good times with a great crew!

A to the K

AK Seg ” Most Wanted” Full Part from josh mandel on Vimeo.

Full Room crew McAlpine, Szarzec, and myself went to Alaska last spring. With limited budget and knowledge of the area, we set a loose plan of going for 40 days, hitch hiking to get around, and camping wherever looked like good skiing. We spent 21 days on Thompson Pass during Tailgate Alaska where I got offered to film for the Flow World freeride championships while hitch hiking from Valdez. Stopped at Rendezvous and skiied Billy Mitchell on the way to Palmer where we met up with Cody Beach & Michelle Reakoff for a much needed break from camping in the cold. Rode Hatcher Pass and summited the Prominent Pioneer Peak before going to Talkeetna and flying into the Alaska Range for 9 days to wrap up the adventure. Soo many good times and good people cant wait to go back, this is our trip, enjoy.

Early season fun at Targhee!

Some good pow turns last week at the Ghee! We're off to somewhat of a slow start for the 2013 season, but after this day things are looking up. Great times had with Josh, Simon, Dave, Jason and Kris.


Full Room Production combines efforts with Storm Show Studios to bring you an action packed, hard charging, Jackson Hole shred film. Check the trailer here and be sure to share with friends, spread the stoke, and be at Snow King Resort November 17th for the World Premiere!!!

Wugazi GoPro edit

I put this vid together last spring and never released it. Some extra gopro clips I had came together with this sweet song making for a fun edit. Thought I'd put it out to get the stoke going for the upcoming season! Enjoy!

Travis McAlpine – Poor Mans Riches segy

For all I know Trav is probably summiting Denali the day I post this. What a legend!!
Nomad. Enough said.

Summer Fun 2011

Yakin, cliff and tree jumping, swimming, beer, bruises and friends made for an unforgettable Jackson Hole summer last year. Can't wait to see whats around the corner for this summer!!

another gopro edit

Pretty much the norm to do the yearly gopro edit, so here it is for 2012. Funny how when you go thru footie of a not so great season, it still looks like it was pretty darn good!

Gopro commercial

A little Fullroom version of a gopro commercial.

Cold Smoke, Home Field Advantage Award

At the Cold Smoke Awards in Bozeman, MT this is the segment from Poor Mans Riches they showed for winning the Home Field Advantage Award. I most say I am personally super stoked our passion and dedication was recognized, for our hard work and feats accomplished during such an amazing season.

Cold Smoke Chunder Award

Our award winning crash segment from Poor Mans Riches. Featuring some pretty gnarly carnage and animal brutality that can’t be missed! Get your copy of PMR on our films page.

Randy, Dave, and Jesse invade Chamonix

Thanks to Mr. Shacket for a sweet little edit from their trip last spring to Cham.. To basically sum it up, “We climb mountains, rip lines, destroy pow, climb rocks, and most of all we rage!” …sick

Something Betta than Nothing

With a slow start to the 2012 season here in Jackson, it’s been hard to find the motivation to get out and ski let alone find anything worthy to film. But usually something is always better than nothing so here’s a quick edit of a few days playing on the pass and around town.

Early season shredage from George Casaletta

here is some early season shredden with good snow and great friends

The Dangler

A fun gaper day edit and true story, of one man’s bad choice, bad luck, and hilarious rescue on Cody peak.. (or did we just get April Fooled??) Featured on the Poor Mans Riches DVD available here!

Jake Szarzec’s season edit

The Skillet on Mount Moran

Check out one of the bonus features on the Poor Man’s Riches DVD. A great mission that helped kicked off the June “slay it” season. Featuring Captain Phil, J-Smith, and Hal-V. DVDs will be available in December so be sure to check back to get your copy.

Poor Mans Riches premiering soon!

It’s finished and dates are lining up for the new flick! Spread the word, bring your your friends, and come get stoked on the up and coming season!

November 18th – Town Square Tavern – Jackson, WY
November 21st – CWC Theater – Riverton, WY
November 25th – Gannett Grill – Lander, WY
December 8th – Dillon Dam Brewery – Dillon, CO

The official trailer for Full Room Productions new release coming this fall… “Poor Man’s Riches” Featuring one of the rowdiest seasons ever in Jackson Hole!!! With that said, check out some great local talent, throwing down harder than ever! Without the fortune, fame and sponsors that most well known skiers and riders have backing them, see what is truly important to us and why we are some of the luckiest and richest people out there.

Snaggletooth on the Greys River

So the first of a summer installment (i know summer’s pretty much over but so what) out yaking on the Greys river near Alpine, WY. A sweet short run w a rapid called Snaggletooth made for some good excitement. With Travo in the orange boat, Derek in the duckie with a broken foot, and Halvey rockin the GoPro. Enjoy!

Derek Central Crash!

I just watched this again the other day and after laughing hysterically I decided I had to post it up again. And if you don’t believe Derek can stomp it click here. Oh yea, and we finally recovered the lost ski this summer!